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Reliant Aquarium Design streamlines operations and increases safety

Founded in 2008, Reliant Aquarium Design has become the go-to source for custom aquarium design, installation and maintenance in San Diego County.


With a fleet that consists of seven vehicles, family-owned Reliant Aquarium Design soon realized that depending on just a cell phone to keep track of their vans and technicians had become impossible. Clients were not being billed correctly, driving times were being miscalculated and overall efficiency was far from ideal.

In addition, since their vehicles carry up to 100 gallons of water on board (that much water weighs more than 800 pounds), the safety of their technicians and other drivers who share the same roads was of paramount concern.

“It was just a matter of time before the phone calls weren’t working … to give us the information we need in order to be efficient with the company.”

-Krystal Regan

Co-Owner, Reliant Aquarium Design


After incorporating PUI’s Tracking and AI Camera solution, Reliant Aquarium Design has been able to:

  • Bill their clients for the correct time spent installing and servicing their aquariums

  • Streamline their maintenance services so that the best-placed technician is sent to the client in question

  • Lower their operating costs by optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption and wear-and-tear costs

  • Use PUI’s AI Camera solution to optimize driver safety


Thanks to the advanced telematics of the PUI AI Camera solution, Reliant Aquarium Design has seen a noticeable increase in billable hours. Whereas their technicians’ driving times had been seriously underestimated before the installation of the telematics solution, Reliant Aquarium can now calculate precisely how much time a technician spends going to and coming from a job, in addition to how much time is spent providing the needed service.

By having access to an overview that shows the exact location of their vehicles, management can dispatch the closest driver, resulting in considerable time and fuel savings.

Driver safety, especially in vehicles than carry more than 800 pounds of water on board, is a serious concern for Reliant Aquarium. By installing PUI’s cutting-edge AI Camera solution in all their vehicles, Reliant has seen a significant reduction in their insurance premiums.

In early Spring of 2022, Krystal Regan, co-owner of Reliant Aquarium Design, received a call from a motorist to complain about one of her drivers. The indignant caller assured Krystal that one of her drivers had blithely run a stop sign. Krystal asked for the time and location of the incident, worried that one of her employees had potentially endangered other drivers.

Thanks to the information the caller provided, in a matter of minutes Krystal was able to determine the vehicle in question and look up the footage recorded by the AI Camera. She quickly determined that her driver had, in fact, come to a full and complete stop. The camera was valuable not only in determining unsafe driving, in this case it proved crucial in exonerating her technician.

“I think we’ve had great success in capturing more billable time … It’s super important to be able to know where your employees are and your assets are on the road and make sure everyone’s safe out there.”

-Krystal Regan

Co-Owner, Reliant Aquarium Design

To watch a testimonial video featuring Reliant Aquarium Design’s Krystal Regan, click here.

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