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Why Positioning Universal?

We are the leading global provider of off-the-shelf and customizable mobile IoT devices and GPS vehicle and asset monitoring solutions. We also provide Systems Integration (SI) services, offering turn-key solutions for seamless IoT implementations that leverage our team’s industry expertise.

Fleet Services

Optimize your fleet’s efficiency with real-time, actionable data. Gain comprehensive insights into location, driver behavior, vehicle performance, maintenance requirements, and more—all from a single screen. Minimize liability exposure, improve driver safety, streamline maintenance, and ensure compliance with evolving federal and state requirements, all through a unified device and software solution.

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Field Services

We provide solutions tailored to field service operations that increase daily productivity via real-time tracking, elevate driver safety with AI-powered dashcams, and improve vehicle uptime using predictive maintenance.

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Heavy Equipment

Our vehicle and asset tracking solutions monitor valuable assets, optimize equipment uptime through predictive maintenance, enhance compliance in highly regulated industries, and help protect worker safety in often hazardous work environments.

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Car Sales

Locate and recover your vehicles with live, real-time tracking – no matter the location or environment. Our complete set of solutions gives you all the information you need on one screen and in an easy-to-digest format. From stolen vehicle recovery, to asset tracking and dealer lor management, we have the easy-to-install solution you need.

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The Technologies We Offer

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We Believe in AI

Get a true picture of what’s happening on the road. Protect your employees and your brand through real-time, in-cab audible alerts. With AI-powered driver scoring, you know exactly what your risk profile is and where to take action.

Detect risks before they become accidents

Our advanced AI solution lets you coach your drivers and minimize the risk of accidents. And when an accident does happen, exonerate your driver and protect your firm from potentially devastating litigation.

Safeguard lives one step at a time using AI-enabled pedestrian detection

Harness our AI-enabled dashcams and advanced algorithms to identify and anticipate pedestrian movements, mitigating potentially catastrophic accidents on streets and roadways.  

Solar Technology

We illuminate the path to long-lasting monitoring with our solar-powered trackers

With their rugged construction, long battery life, and highly efficient solar cells, our solar-powered asset trackers are purpose-built to withstand your most challenging operating environments.

Our firmware has an unique capability to detect variations in vibration levels to determine whether a vehicle is moving or parked. If parked, the devices preserve battery life by not initiating their dynamic tracking. 

Elevate your asset tracking with self-sustaining solar power using industry-leading solar cell efficiency

Our solar-powered devices have one of the largest and most efficient solar cells on the market. The trackers have a backup battery that lasts up to 4 months at 12 reports a day, ensuring uninterrupted operation even during limited to no sunlight.



Positioning Universal is a 2023 Inc. 5000 Honoree

PUI secures a spot on the list of the Top 10 Providers of Digital Transportation Solutions in 2022

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