Positioning Universal Partners

Collaborating with leading technology and communication firms, we deliver cutting-edge, customized hardware, software, and system integration services to meet our customers’ unique requirements. Additionally, we offer a curated selection of our leading IoT vehicle and asset tracking devices on the Geotab Marketplace, the telematics market’s largest e-commerce platform.


Partnering with top technology firms, we seamlessly integrate best-of-breed capabilities into our solutions. These collaborations are integral to our constant quest to enhance the quality of the telematics solutions for our customers.


We partner with leading communications companies to provide the continuous, reliable coverage needed to power our solutions and to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. Our coverage footprint spans the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean.



We’ve partnered with Geotab to offer a curated list of our leading IoT devices through the Geotab Marketplace. These devices operate on the MyGeotab platform using the same map as Geotab’s Go devices.

Geotab Premier Partner

Solar-Powered Asset Trackers: TT600 and TT603

Our Solar-Powered Asset Trackers are used to track trailers, containers, construction & mining equipment, generators, and various other assets. With their rugged construction, long battery life, and highly efficient solar cells, these trackers are purpose-built to withstand the most challenging operating environments.



The TT603 provides additional capabilities including door sensors, temperature monitoring, and tractor/asset power detection.

Battery-Powered Trackers: FJ504 and FJ2500


The FJ504 battery-powered tracker offers a reliable and easy-to-deploy solution for tracking valuable fleet and worksite assets. The FJ504, with patented Smart PowerTM technology, delivers high-performance battery power management to preserve battery life during extreme weather conditions or in areas with limited network coverage.


The FJ2500 is an enterprise grade battery-powered tracker. Its sealed, rugged construction is ideal for tracking trailers, heavy duty construction equipment, outdoor generators, and other high-value assets. The FJ2500 uses an ultra-low sleep power mode and has an optional vehicle Control Area Network (CAN) interface. The FJ2500 is offered with 8-wire and 12-wire options.
(8-wire and 12-wire) 
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