Our SI services include the following capabilities:

  • Mobile IoT device selection and installation services
  • Custom software and app development
  • Integration of different hardware, software, and systems
  • Custom APIs, reports and alerts

We specialize in creating, deploying, and integrating advanced IoT solutions that help your company improve operational efficiencies, safeguard valuable assets and drivers, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize your bottom line.


Maximize IoT Deployment Success with our Industry Experts

We bring extensive experience in designing, implementing, and managing complex IoT integration projects. Our deep domain knowledge helps companies avoid common pitfalls to ensure successful project execution.

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Purpose-Built, Customizable Solutions Designed to your Requirements

We customize solutions by thoroughly analyzing your current systems, processes, and goals. Our deployments also capitalize on our diverse selection of customizable mobile IoT devices. This holistic approach ensures solutions are specifically tailored to address your unique business needs.

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Reduce Costs and Accelerate Project Timelines

Implementing IoT integration projects in-house can be time-consuming and resource intensive. We have established methodologies, tools, and best practices that enable us to complete IoT projects efficiently. By outsourcing your IoT integration efforts, you can reduce costs and accelerate project completion timelines.

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Reduce Complexity

Most companies deal with a blend of hardware, legacy systems, new applications, and diverse technologies from various vendors. Integrating these components can be complex and challenging. We simplify the process by crafting holistic and user-friendly solutions that seamlessly connect disparate systems.

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Improve Scalability and Resilience

Our approach accounts for future scalability and growth. We design solutions that accommodate expanding data volumes, new technologies, and evolving business needs. This future-proofing ensures that your systems remain resilient to respond to an evolving IoT landscape.

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Case Studies

Automotive Technology Company ("Auto Tech")


Positioning Universal joined forces with AutoTech to support a nationwide initiative aimed at assisting a leading ride-sharing company in expanding its pool of drivers in key U.S. markets. This expansion strategy involved offering leased vehicles to individuals with lower credit scores.

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In this partnership, we provided a comprehensive SI solution encompassing the following services:

  • Developed GPS devices tailored specifically for this unique use case.
  • Engaged with four different companies to provide installation services in various markets.
  • Collaborated with AutoTech to create custom APIs for retrieving mileage and battery health data by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and receiving real-time vehicle status data.
  • Implemented an API to furnish location data by VIN to a third-party software solution, streamlining the repossession of vehicles.
  • Updated PUI’s national impound database, with a specific focus on AutoTech’s commercial launch markets.
  • Designed custom impound alerts to proactively notify AutoTech and its partners whenever a vehicle entered and exited an impound lot.
  • Generated customized automated reports which included a daily list of vehicles installed with GPS devices by location.


Throughout the initial 9-month commercial launch period, AutoTech’s ride-sharing partner successfully onboarded thousands of new drivers. This accomplishment was made possible by PUI, and its installation partners, installing GPS devices in over 18,000 vehicles, averaging approximately 500 installations per week. The utilization of API data also enabled AutoTech’s partner to recover more than 1,000 vehicles that had been towed to impound lots or repossessed due to non-payment.

Construction Contractor


PUI teamed with a leading construction contractor for a fleet safety and operational efficiency initiative aimed at developing and enforcing their driver safety program as well as delivering actionable vehicle use data to the company’s leadership.

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In this partnership, we provided a comprehensive SI solution encompassing the following services:

  • Provided GPS devices and AI-powered dashcams designed specifically for this use case.
  • Contracted with two installation companies to provide installation services across the company’s area of operation.
  • Hired installation and support assets to locally support the ongoing installation and service requirements for the company.
  • Customized dashcams to provide in-cabin alerts for safety concerns defined by the customer.
  • Provided a method to obtain video clips if a vehicle is involved in an incident, allowing management to quickly act on insurance claims.
  • Developed and launched multi-camera capabilities on the platform, allowing for up to 5 cameras to be installed on customer assets.
  • Created custom reports to assist fleet management with monthly reconciliation and maintenance requirements.


Positioning Universal delivered notable benefits to enhance the construction contractor’s fleet management and safety efforts. Our customer now captures video footage in the event of any off-site or on-site accidents which has helped them develop improved driving training programs to reduce the likelihood of costly accidents. Additionally, the SI program has improved their ability to reinforce essential safety program components, such as seatbelt usage and restricted mobile phone use while driving. Finally, the program has streamlined data collection efforts by consolidating all usage data for the fleet into a single, customized report. This consolidated report has simplified the monthly reconciliation process for their fleet managers, enhancing data-driven decision-making to improve their operations and safety performance.