Safeguard Your Supply Chain Assets with Positioning Universal’s Connected Car Devices!

Don’t let supply chain theft risks leave your valuable assets vulnerable to theft and significant losses. With Positioning Universal’s advanced connected car devices, including real-time tracking and alerts, you can proactively protect your assets from theft if incidents occur.


In 2022, CargoNet recorded a total of 1,778 supply chain risk events throughout the United States and Canada, reflecting a 15% year-over-year increase. These risk events, as defined by CargoNet, involved either the theft of one or more heavy commercial vehicles or the theft of cargo within the vehicle. According to their estimates, $223 million worth of cargo was stolen, with an average value per incident amounting to $214,104—a notable increase of 24% compared to the previous year.

Positioning Universal’s connected car devices have geofence and “after hour” alerts which provide immediate notifications if assets are stolen. Our connected car technology also provide real-time notifications, such as open/closed door monitoring alerts via sensors. If your assets have a tracker, real-time tracking will enable fleet companies to secure them and minimize losses.