Break Free from Connectivity Complexity with Positioning Universal

Break free from connectivity complexity and limitations by leveraging Positioning Universal’s extensive knowledge of cellular technology and frequency bands and our long-term relationships with the leading wireless connectivity players.


Cellular frequency bands in the U.S. are licensed to carriers by the FCC and are split into blocks for multiple carriers to access specific frequencies and enhance performance. Each block consists of one or more channels, which are ranges of frequencies within the bands.

5G technology increases channel bandwidth and reduces latency compared to 4G. 5G utilizes higher-frequency bands, while still incorporating lower bands from 4G. With faster data and more bandwidth, 5G can support a significantly larger number of connected devices. With 4G technology, roughly 4,000 devices can be supported per square kilometer, but with 5G technology 1 million devices per square kilometer can be connected.

While smartphones have access to various frequency bands, mobile IOT devices have access to only a limited number of frequency bands. Since different frequencies work better in different geographies/environments, this creates a significant connectivity challenge.

Positioning Universal addresses these limitations by undertaking thorough lab and road device testing across diverse environments and providing cloud-based device management with over-the-air (OTA) updates. Our extensive mobile IoT experience and cellular technology expertise ensures reliable device connections and the delivery of vital data required to enhance operational efficiency and safeguard assets, regardless of the prevailing conditions.